Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14 Daily Post

Welcome back to my little space of the blog world.  My daily project today is again a little different from my norm.  My dad's birthday was the end of May and I decided this year to make him his very own special beer mug for those super hot days.  I've done the engraving on Christmas ornaments before, but nothing this major. 

I bought the beer mug at the local Dollar Tree.  I never knew what a treasure trove that place was.  I never would have guessed what this mug would look like (well I would have but I would have been wrong).  I can be a snob at times, you know the more you pay for something the better it must be right?  Well, I gotta tell you, this is a pretty thick mug for just a buck. 

I decided to make it kind of fancy smancy and used Blackletter.  I love this font, except it is hard to read the capitols.  The old world feel I thought was perfect for this project.  I cut the "D" at 2.53", put the negative image of vinyl on the mug and then covered the open area with the armour etch.  The directions on the bottle say to wait for 5 minutes then wash the armour etch off.  This is what's left.  I've always had difficulty taking pictures that allow the designs to show up well.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!  Have a great summer day, I hope I've inspired you with a fun project for today.

item to etch
Armour Etch
Blackletter cartridge


  1. He is going to love this! I really like the choice of Blackletter on it. It is amazing what you can find at the Dollar Store:)

  2. Great project! I love the Dollar Tree and I must admit I thought the same way, can't possibly be anything in there worth anything. Boy, was I wrong, I spend lots of time and money in there now! LOL I've never tried etching but I think I may give it a go.

  3. This is fabulous!! I haven't etched anything in a long time. Your mug has given me some much needed inspiration!! Now I need to stop by the Dollar Tree!! :)