Thursday, June 28, 2012

Take Me To Your Leader

Hi All, Today I'd like to share with you another t-shirt. I had so much fun making the first one that I had to make others. Each of several friends agreed to be a test subject and agreed to wear one of my creations. Of course the babies/kids don't really have a say it's all in what their moms decide to put them in. Bella, at 18 months is picking out her own outfits, but Aden, being the "guy" that he is could care less.
Today's t-shirt was made for Jackson. I loved doing this little robot just about as much as the teapot, and it was a little more challenging because of doing so many different colors and the different pieces. I have to admit I was pleased with the outcome and Jackson's reaction. "Cool Mom! It's Wall-E!"

This shirt was completed the same as the teapot as far as cutting the image out of freezer paper using my cricut. I ironed the main design onto the t-shirt then ironed the individual pieces. I painted the main color, then once that color dried started removing pieces by what color they were going to be.

Once I finished with my little robot guy I designed how I wanted Jackson's name to go on the shirt using my gypsy, then cut that out using freezer paper, ironed it onto the shirt then painted.

robot3 at 5.24
robot3-s at 5.24
robot3 layer at 5.24
robot3-s layer at 5.24
robotz font at 1.0
Cartridge: Robotz
freezer paper
fabric paint
Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fun Cards

Lately I've only been posting cards that are either from one of my card classes or for the Exploring Cricut blog. I wanted to post a couple cards that I had completed a while back but never posted onto my blog!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Project Inspiration Quick Cards

Sharing a Video today

Project Inspiration 2012 Spring/Summer Idea Book: Color Ready Seam Binding Ribbon

Monday, June 18, 2012

Exploring Cricut Summer Fun Challenge

Welcome to another fabulous challenge at Exploring Cricut. The challenge for this week is to create a card, layout, or papercraft using at least 3 cricut cuts, 2 pattern papers, and 1 embellishment of a summer fun activity, vacation, etc. You would think with all the options available this would be a piece of cake. Nope, I need something more specific. I'm a little ADD that way.

For my project I decided to do a layout (I couldn't figure out how to get three cricut cuts and an embellishment on a card). My best friend has asked me to come down and swim with her and the babies this summer so I decided to make a layout for that activity (I will make sure I'm not in any of the pictures because I SWORE I would never be caught dead in another swimsuit).

The pattern paper I used came from the Footloose paper pack.
I cut the beach ball from Life's A Beach at 2.41.
I cut the flip flops from Creative Memories - Traveler at 2.88 (I just love flip flops eventhough I can't wear them myself), plus put little gems to bling them up.
I cut the beach chair from Creative Memories -Traveler at 4.41.
For my embellishments I used flip flops and beach towel from Paper Bliss, and Acrylic Shapes (Bikini and Sunglasses and flip flops) I used several flip flops because eventhough I can't wear flip flops I absolutely love them, they just scream summer to me. Although if you look around here in Kentucky you would never realize that flip flops are a summer shoe (I have students that wear them when it's 20 degrees outside).

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14 Daily Post

Welcome back to my little space of the blog world.  My daily project today is again a little different from my norm.  My dad's birthday was the end of May and I decided this year to make him his very own special beer mug for those super hot days.  I've done the engraving on Christmas ornaments before, but nothing this major. 

I bought the beer mug at the local Dollar Tree.  I never knew what a treasure trove that place was.  I never would have guessed what this mug would look like (well I would have but I would have been wrong).  I can be a snob at times, you know the more you pay for something the better it must be right?  Well, I gotta tell you, this is a pretty thick mug for just a buck. 

I decided to make it kind of fancy smancy and used Blackletter.  I love this font, except it is hard to read the capitols.  The old world feel I thought was perfect for this project.  I cut the "D" at 2.53", put the negative image of vinyl on the mug and then covered the open area with the armour etch.  The directions on the bottle say to wait for 5 minutes then wash the armour etch off.  This is what's left.  I've always had difficulty taking pictures that allow the designs to show up well.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!  Have a great summer day, I hope I've inspired you with a fun project for today.

item to etch
Armour Etch
Blackletter cartridge
Saturday, June 9, 2012

May Card Class

I can't believe I forgot to post the cards from the May card night. Actually I can believe it, so much has happened since then. I will beg my blog followers to please forgive me and the allow me some mistakes as my family goes through a very difficult time with my dad right now. He was recently diagnosed with Cancer of Unknown Primary which basically means they don't know where it began so it's harder to treat. We are in the process of trying to get permission to get to Houston, TX where they've seen this type of cancer and have had success in treating it. With this being said please forgive me if I tend to be a little flighty at times. I know some of you are probably thinking that isn't any different than usual and you're probably right.

Here are the cards from May. I have to say these are some of my favorites. This month we used the Footloose paper and the Under the Sea stamp set. Also used were the twine, sparkles, and buttons.

Monday, June 4, 2012

New Challenge at Exploring Cricut

The challenge for this week at Exploring Cricut is to create a card, layout or papercraft for Father's Day using any 2 Cricut cuts. I decided to resort to my comfort zone and do a card for my dad.

My Father's Day card is 5x7 and the pattern paper is from the Wings paper pack. I used cartridges Father's Day (of course) and Calligraphy Collection.

"Happy Father's Day" was cut using Calligraphy Collection at 3.59.
The golf club, ball, and tee was cut using Father's Day at 3.71. Since I use a Gypsy I was able to use the hide feature to make the three cuts.

I used the embossing folder "Swiss dots" to put the holes in the golf ball. The ball looks a little out of focus because I put gray ink on the raised nubs of the folder so that there would be some definition to the golf ball and it moved before I could pull the handle.

A very simple card, but my dad is a golfer so it is so perfect for him. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope you find your inspiration to create your Father's Day project. Don't forget to post to the Exploring Cricut site so that you can be entered for the prize!