Thursday, May 29, 2014

Prom 201

This year was my first year as a class sponsor and they put me with the junior class.  Talk about jumping in feet first, no going slow for me!  Our biggest event is of course prom, and this year the juniors decided on Red Carpet Romance for their theme with a heavy emphasis on Hollywood and the movies.

To enter the gym we wanted to create a ticket booth complete with marquee.  This was one of the items we were most proud of creating cause it turned out even better than we had envisioned.  For my part I used Plantin Schoolbook, Graphically Speaking, Winter Woodland, and Forever Young.

 Now Showing:  6.0" from Plantin Schoolbook
Red Carpet Romance: 6.0" from Winter Woodland
Prom 2014 and Ticket Booth: 4.0" from Plantin Schoolbook

Star:  9.0" from Graphically Speaking
Silhouette: 12.88" from Forever Young.

We also have to create something with each seniors' name on it as a take away.  This was a little harder since we had two projects that we thought would be cute.  Our original idea was to create a director's clapboard.  I cut these out using Locker Talk at 11.0"

The words were cut using Plantin Schoolbook at .75"
We then lined the gym enterance with these!
My final crafty contribution to the prom was a "walk of fame" using the seniors' names.  This was a super easy part, but it was a huge hit with the kids!
I cut the stars out using Graphically Speaking at 9.0"
We then lined the hallway with these stars, taping them down so they wouldn't be destroyed.
Prom was a huge success, but I'm glad I don't have to do it again for a long time.


  1. These are awesome Emily!!! I'm sure they were a hit at the prom!!!! :)