Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daily Project September 6: Door Decoration

My project for today's daily project is a decoration for my classroom door. We recently had a visit from the Commissioner of Education for the state of Kentucky. All teachers were asked to decorate their door along the theme of "Spinning a Web of Success" or Spiderman. This is a schoolwide theme for the year. I'm not a big spiderman, or spiders for that matter, fan. Thankfully my Director of Special Education decided that we as a department would do the "same" door.

I used the cartridge Learning Curve for my title "Our Web of Services" and the letteres were welded together using the Gypsy.

I decided to weave my own web with an ecru yarn, for my spider to rest on. I then posted different services that the special education department offers for our students and their parents. I thought weaving the web would be a lot easier than it was. Like so many of my other projects the web looked much better in my head.

The spider came from Paper Doll Dress Up (Accessory 3 button).

Spider 23.65"; Paper Doll Dress Up; Wiggly Eyes
Title 3.0"; Learning Curve
index cards


  1. This is fabulous Emily!! Love the web and spider!! :)

  2. Your idea is great! The web looked hard to make and your spider looks pretty happy in it:)

    My Mind's Dust Bunnies