Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daily Project: Go Panthers

It's time again for my daily project. This one is one that's been done for a week. I teach at a very small school system, and we've got an awesome group of boys playing basketball this year. We were runners-up in our District Tournament this year and we were asked to decorate our door. Me, I didn't want to decorate my entire door becuase of the amount of time it would take, and I don't have a full class of students willing to do it like other people. Sorry my little dig, but it couldn't be helped. On to being positive and my project. (just a quick note, there is not a panther on any cartridge!!! what an outrage!!!)

For my project this week I started with a small poster. I know you are out there cheering that it isn't a card! I used the cartridge Makin' the Grade for the "Go" and "Beat". They were welded using the gypsy (except for the "at", they wouldn't weld for some reason). These were cut out in black (one of our school colors) at 4.52x2.43.
I then searched frantically for a panther (nada) and then I thought about using an ant, but I didn't have that either. So I did the next best thing and improvised. I used the tiger from the Animal Kingdom cartridge cut out at 4.79x6.65 using the gypsy. Also using the gypsy, it has a hide feature so I was able to go through and hide all of the cuts for the stripes (since panthers don't have stripes!) I added a pink nose and used a Honey marker for the eyes. To make him show up a little better I used a glitter pen on the detail cuts.

I then added a cardinal from the cartridge 50 States. (Our next game was against the Clark Co. Cardinals of course). This was a little easier since I could actually find this bird. I cut the bird out on 3.18x4.53 in black, then used a red for the layer. to get the legs and beak I cut another full image in Honey and cut what I needed. The large "A"s were very simple, cut from Alphalicious at 3.13x5.0.
The fun part was the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders were cut from Everyday paper dolls at 5". Each layer was also cut at the same size. Since it has gotten close to impossible to find a good match for skin color the cheerleaders were cut out using a white paper that comes from StampTV and then colored using copic markers. The colors that were used were:

Skin color: E00, E11, E13, R20

Hair: 1. E25, E31, E50; 2. E35, E31, YR20

Uniform: C7, C6, YR14, YR15, YR16

the same colors used for the uniforms were also used for the pon poms and shoes. I outlined her lips using E04 (natural lipstick) and just grabed a blue and blue/green to do their eyes. .
As a final touch I used bitty sparkles to set off their ponytails. Since the cheerleaders didn't really show up very well (because of the light colors) I decided to take a black marker and trace around the edges. This really helped them to pop off the page.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my daily project for this round. I hope everyone has an awesome day and Happy Scrappin'



  1. So super cute!!! I love the 'panther', the cardinal and the darling cheerleaders! :)