Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Card Workshop

Wow! This month sure is flying by! I'm trying so hard to get projects completed and posted, and so far so good. Normally I'm putting finishing touches on cards the night of the workshop, but not this month. I'm so pleased with the way these cards turned out and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy Scrappin'!!!
Card #1 : Sonoma

For this card I started out with a white base then added pattern paper from Sonoma line, both rectangles are 5.25x2. The bamboo circle is cut using the Art Philosophy cartridge at 2". I used the Love Life stamp set specifically the scalloped circle with the flower (this was stamped using Smokey Plum)and the small inside flower was stamped using Petal. I then added 4 clear sparkles to finish it up.

Card #2 :Elemental

For this card again I started out with a white base. The pattern paper is from Elemental line.
Pacifica cardstock 3.75x3.25
Pacifica pattern 3.5x3.5
Sorbet cardstock 2.5x2.5
Colonial White cardstock 2.25x2.5
Sorbet pattern .75x5.5 and .75x4.25
I used the simple pleasures and 3 different sizes of stars all from the Love Life stamp set.

Card#3 :Elemental

Once again for this card we start out with a white base then add pattern paper from Elemental line. This is the Lagoon pattern and I have to admit, this is quickly becoming my favorite color for spring. Live, Laugh, Love and the hearts are from the Love Life stamp set.
lagoon pattern 5.25x4
lagoon cardstock 4x3.25
creme brulee pattern 3.75x3
desert sand 2x3
I stamped the hearts on Colonial white and cut out. Then added two opaques.

Card #4 :Sonoma

This is one of my favorite cards for this month because its purple. Everyone knows this is my absolutely positively favorite color (just about any shade).
petal cardstock 5.25x2
smokey plum cardstock 5.25x.5
pattern paper (Sonoma) 5.25x2
colonial white cardstock 2x3.5
I used the dotted circle stamp to create the background, it was stamped in petal. I did find that it is much easier to work from the top down using this stamp as a background stamp. I also used Amythyst to add 3 small hearts then 3 clear sparkles.

Card #5 :Elemental

This is also a favorite of mine, just because I think it's pretty cool.
Pacifica cardstock 5.25x4
Sorbet pattern 5x3.75
Pacifica cut 3"
colonial white cut 2.5"
sorbet cut 1"
sorbet pattern strip 5x.25
All cuts were made using the Art Philosophy cartridge.
The stamp image was the large flourish stamped in pacifica (some parts were left out since the shape wasn't big enough for the entire image to fit. I then used the sorbet ink to add several small hearts and then 3 opaques.

Card #6: Sonoma

Once again I used the dotted circles to create a background for the card.
sweet leaf cardstock: 5.25x4
pattern paper: 5.25x2.5
purple pattern: 5.25x1
olive cardstock: 5.25x.5
diamond pattern: 5.25x.25
I stamped three of the flower on colonial white using petal and then stamped the smaller flower on the inside using amythyst. The three sparkles in the center of the flowers is the perfect finishing touch.


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